Jimbobart is best known for illustrated ceramics. James started out hand-drawing each and every piece, but as the brand grew it wasn’t possible to keep up with demand. Working with a pottery in Stoke-on-Trent he developed screen printed designs on decals which are hand applied to every piece. Not only does this mean we can make more of the designs you love, it also makes the range dishwasher and microwave proof, so you can use you Jimbobart ceramics for display or for cake!

The Jimbobart range now includes cotton tea towels, aprons, tote bags, t-shirts and cushions, a range of tins, wooden trays and more. We take pride in producing products with a conscience. Our products are made to last and we hope that you will enjoy them for years to come.

We try to make our products as sustainably as possible and we extend this thought process through to our packaging and delivery:

Our cotton products are GOTS organic and printed using water based, non-toxic ISO 14001 inks. Textile products are made of 100% natural materials only and the UK based print factories we use specialise in environmentally-friendly production methods.

Our tin boxes are made from steel, electro plated with tin, all of them are reusable and are 100% recyclable. Scrap tin sheet and recycled tins are smelted (turned into molten metal) and remade into new tin sheet or steel. Our tins are biodegradable and will eventually rust if kept in a damp environment or accidentally buried in a land fill site. The UK factory which manufactures the range uses only zero carbon electricity that is 100% renewable - sourced solely from wind, solar and hydro.

Our wooden trays are made of several sheets of FSC®-certified birch veneer. All the raw materials are sourced within Europe and the production facility is located in the small town of Nybro in the southeast of Sweden. The design is printed with a high-quality inkjet printer onto an FSC® certified paper. The motif is protected by a laminated melamine-based surface making it heat resistant up to 130 degrees Celsius. This process provides a very durable, environmentally friendly and dishwasher safe product.

Our fine bone china does contain bone ash which is a byproduct of the farming industry. Bone china is the strongest of the porcelain and china ceramics, making it ideal for every day use.
As well as being break-resistant, bone china is also microwave-safe, oven-safe and dishwasher-safe. Our designs are screen printed on decals which are hand-applied by skilled artisans at the pottery in Stock-on-Trent, creating practical and durable finished pieces which will last a lifetime.

At our small studio based in Brighton, UK, we have worked hard to banish single use plastic and we are very close to removing it from our supply chain entirely. Our packaging materials are all recyclable, recycled or compostable. YES, that green bubble wrap protecting your purchase can actually be put in the compost! We shred all our incoming cardboard and use it to fill any voids in your parcel, it may not be the prettiest thing but we believe sustainability is more important than shiny packaging which goes in the bin and sits in landfill for 100 years+. We hope you agree!

For the waste we do create at our studio we use a locally based recycling firm to ensure everything is managed as sustainably as possible. In 2022 they helped us recycle 3,450kg of waste, save 3,958kg of CO2 and save 41 trees.

Being conscious and sustainable is a never ending ongoing project and we still have a way to go. If you have any other suggestions on how we can improve, we’d love to hear them!