London to Brighton

London to Brighton

Another reason 2017 has flown is because of packing up my London shop and moving to Brighton. I’m now set up in a studio in the Laines and getting settled in. Apart from spending a lot of time in the sea, my top five so far if you’re ever visiting:

Unlimited – curates some great artists and designers. It’s just round the corner so impossible not to keep popping in.

Beer Dispensary – great beer and atmosphere. Favourite Brighton pub by a long shot.

Bond St. Coffee – another great independent on my doorstep – very lucky.  

Brighton Dome – for the gigs and shows. Most recently, Adam Buxton doing his Bowie-inspired 'Bugs'.  

BeFries – (controversially for beside the seaside) these Belgian fries are better than chips. Had the everything sauce sampler the other day - so good.

Lots more to discover.